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Personal Shopping

Overview: The team at Carbon is very pleased to offer personal shopping services for all of our clients, both new and existing. Our PS services can be done by appointment, during or after store hours, by appointment, or by simply coming in and telling us what your needs are.

How it works: We first begin by spending a few minutes discussing what your wardrobe needs are, what’s missing from you closet, and what needs to go. For those who do not shop often, we provide an overview of current trends and classic styles, and how they can be paired together to achieve whatever look you desire. Whether you are looking for everyday lifestyle updates to your wardrobe, or outfits for the office, we will then present you with a variety of options that would work for your body type, taste preferences, and of course, budget. After we establish which pieces you like, we will work to put a variety of outfits together, taking all of the guess work away!

In-Home Wardrobe Consultations

Overview: Have a full closet but don’t know what to wear, what to add, and what to get rid of? We can help with that! If you live in the GTA, we are more than happy to come to your home and go through your existing wardrobe with you.

How it works: Once we set an appointment time, one of our experienced stylists will come to your home and take as much time needed to review with you, based on lifestyle and needs, what you should keep and what should go. After that is established we will recommend what you can add to complete your wardrobe, always with your personal style and budget in mind. We will then schedule a follow-up appointment with you, at home or in one of our stores to recommend the pieces we feel you are missing. We’ll always take the time to pair outfits for you and explain which pieces can be worn together, and for what occasion, whether it’s picking the kids up from school, or for an important meeting at the office.


We are always looking to increase and expand our base of clients. If you know what you like, but simply don’t have the time to check our new arrivals on our social media outlets, please come in or call us to let us know what you are looking for. When we receive something we think you’ll love we are happy to send you an email or text message with photos.

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